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Hogshaw Hill Farm

The combination of 100% grass-fed and natural spring water ensures the quality of our beef is something rather special.

Best beef I have ever tasted. Perfectly understated class.

Wedding guest, Winslow

About us

Hogshaw Hill Farm is a 168 acre, all grass farm in the heart of rural Buckinghamshire which is managed under the Higher Level Environmental Stewardship.

Our herd of Aberdeen Angus cattleĀ graze extensively on the ancient species-rich pasture, which has a huge variety of herbs, wild flowers, white and red clover and other legumes, as well as grasses and they drink only natural spring water emerging from the Quainton Hills.

You can taste the complete journey.

Eugene Amusin, Brixton

Our beef production is as simple and natural as it could be

A bull (his name is Patrick) and his herd of between 30 and 40 cows each have one calf a year, or occasionally twins, mainly in the spring. They live outside all year round and are only fed farm-grown hay during the winter.

Animals are allowed to mature naturally on our farm to an age of up to 30 months and our meat is hung for 28 days before it is ready for delivery.

We are totally committed to producing the highest quality, 100% grass-fed beef

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We would love you to experience Hogshaw Hill Farm for yourself

Our picturesque farm is positioned on the watershed divide between the rivers Ouse and Thames.

Walkers, birdwatchers, wildlife enthusiasts, botanists and butterfly experts will find glorious views from the top of the farm on the public footpath between Hogshaw and Quainton.

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